Top 10 Hotel management college in dehradun

RIHM offers Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management and is affiliated with Sri Dev Suman University.The Bachelor’s Degree is awarded to the successful Candidates as per the rules and regulations of the University.Apart from the Bachelor’s Degree the Institute offers a ONE YEAR PROGRAMME in hotel Management , naming INSTITUTE OF FOOD CRAFT TECHNOLOGY (IFCT) established in 2002, which is APPROVED BY THE GOVT. OF UTTARAKHAND.

Bachelors of Hotel Management is a study of Management of Hotel which is a 3 year Undergraduate Programme that combines an extensive educational curriculum with industrial training, providing graduates who are fully attuned to competitive aspects and requests of the Hospitality Industry which is a popular Academic degree all over the world.​Hotel Management programme exposes the student to the diversity of hospitality industry and equips the student with intellectual & leadership capabilities allowing the student to move into diverse managerial roles in prestigious international organisations. Its multi-disciplinary programme focuses on critical analysis of management styles & strategic thinking required to succeed in hotel management. Management Colleges in Dehradun


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